Sunday, 3 July 2011


Ive been doing abit of a cleanup in my bead boxes and was amazed to rediscover all these beads I had completely forgotten about! Ive managed to more than triple my collection of beads, and would like to just get back to basics. So Ive been doing a giveaway on my Raspberry Goddess Facebook page. First person to comment wins some beady bits :-) It's a win win situation. These beads a collection of glass rainbow coloured beads I was using to make rainbow necklaces a while ago, with some vintage pink and white swirly glass beads and some gorgeous little tiny czech glass beads.

My other blog

Just wanted to let you know about my other blog The Enchanted Button which is about living life and parenting creatively and soulfully. At this stage I'm not sure whether to combine blogs? As the two blogs make a whole me, or to keep them separate and possibly neater. Any ideas? or opinions?

Fancy Fingers!

And some more goodies for the school fete, I have been busy haven't I?! Teeny cute little flower rings as modelled by my lil girl. Wear one as a statement or why not wear them all? The rings are adjustable so even I can wear them, problem is choosing which colour! Theyre all so cute :-)

Friday, 1 July 2011

Home Midwifery Raffle - Goddess Necklace

Ive donated this gorgeous goddess necklace to the Home Midwifery Association as a raffle prize. The lovely pewter goddess is surrounded by rose quartz, clear quartz and garnet beads. She encourages self love and care, nurturing the nurturer. Rose quartz is a wonderful stone for self love and the heart chakra, garnet is good for blood, menstrual cycles and connecting us to our physical body and clear quartz increases intuition and clarity. Ive fallen quite in love with this necklace. If you would like to buy a ticket and help support fellow women please visit the Home Midwifery Association page on Facebook. I'll add a link soon.

Rainbow clips

And more cute clips for my fete stall! I made this rainbow ribbon myself and is attached to a larger 5cm hairclip. Love it! Will be selling these at an amazing low price at the fete :-)

School fete!

It's been a bit quiet lately here on Raspberry Goddess while Ive been getting ready for my girl's school fete. I'm on a mini team with some crocheters and sewers making goodies. I love these tiny spotted hairclips. Only 3cm long they are suitable for babies to adults! Theyre a little bit frenchy chic :-)

Sacral Stones

I'm starting to create a gemstone necklace designed for womanly cycles and rhythms.........So far Ive found some gorgeous dyed red coral beads and some deep burgundy round garnet beads. I think this necklace is going to be very lush when it's finished!